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Accu Electric Motors: GEC Alsthom repair

Looking to repair your GEC Alsthom servo motor repair? Established in 1993; Accu Electric Motors is the leading servo repair facility for high quality service and performance in North America.

GEC Alsthom repair Your GEC Alsthom servo motor will be guaranteed for 1 year after the repair

GEC Alsthom buy new GEC Alsthom specific analysis will be performed on your motor to ensure it meets the factory specifications before it is released back to you

GEC Alsthom servo repair All work is done in house, including the basics of motor repair; rewind, machining, shaft repair, testing etc.

GEC Alsthom certified Don't trust your GEC Alsthom servo motor to be repaired by a regular repair shop, bring it to the professionals, and get it done right the first time

GEC Alsthom repair centre Original equipment parts utilized

GEC Alsthom quality control Quality control ensures product meets OEM standards

GEC Alsthom Authorized Repair We build, replace, service, rebuild, repair, regrind, recondition, refurbish, remanufacture, retrofit and overhaul all GEC Alsthom components.

Please note: All GEC Alsthom servo motors are run test on GEC Alsthom servo drives, before shipping. This ensures that your GEC Alsthom Servo Motor repair process has been completed properly to manufacture requirements.

For a complete list of GEC Alsthom documents, CLICK HERE

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certifications and qualifcations